Nordic Lodges Island Map 2016 Roof'n Route

This map shows each of our current Lodges throughout Iceland. Each lodge has an airport nearby, with the main Airport of Iceland being Keflavík International Airport (KEF) closest to Lodge Brekka / Lodge Langholt.

Getting between our lodges

Brekka - Tvera
Including Car Ferry Please check ferry times before travelling.
Driving Entire Route Nordic Lodges Island Roof n' Route Brekka Tvera Auto
Tvera - Hamragil
Nordic Lodges Island Roof n' Route Tvera Hamragil
Hamragil - Brekka
Holt - Brekka
Nordic Lodges Island Roof n' Route Holt Brekka
Holt - Hamragil
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What is Roof 'n Route?

Nordic Lodges offers a sequence of excellent lodges in Iceland, which you can rent any time of the year. You stay min 3 nights at one lodge, where you can go on day tours or just stay and enjoy life at the lodge. Thereafter you can swap to another lodge which is available and in a feasible driving distance. There you enter new surroundings full of different attractions for a period of three nights or more –and so further on.

Driving Distances

Brekka - Tvera:
300KM (3h 40 min)

Tvera - Hamragil:
470KM (5h 40 min)

Hamragil - Brekka:
360KM (4h 20 min)

Holt - Brekka:
128km (1h 38 min)

Holt - Hamragil:
350km (5h 23 min) - Summer
486km (5h 44 min) - Winter