Luxury Lodge Borgarbrekka in South East Iceland

About Borgarbrekka

Borgarbrekka is located in area, Lón-valley in the south east, which is nothing but a feast for the eye and offers countless outdooring opportunities. In addition some of the most attractive visitors sites in Iceland, the crawling glaciers of the glacier Vatnajökull NP together with the unforgettable ice lagoons are all within reach. Borgarbrekka is just ideal as  first stop & stay in Iceland for travellers arriving in town Seyðisfjörður on the passenger ferry “Norröna” from Denmark.

 In the winterly months you would here and there be able to spot the herds of wild reindeers moving easily around, much more calm as in the interior in the summertime.

The two floor, roomy and fully equipped lodge of almost 160 square meters offers a perfect view across the valley from the balcony, -all the way over to the “Batman-mountain”!

At Borgarbrekka there are 5 bedrooms sleeping 10 - 12 people, with a full equipped bathroom (WC and shower) on each floor,  which are close to 90 square meters downstairs and 70 square meters upstairs. Kitchen and a roomy dining area are downstairs and a nice additional living room upstairs. The floor heating makes a warm welcome at day and night, summer and winter.

Borgarbrekka offers a very good access to all kinds of outdooring in the close as well as more remote neighbourhood. Nice hikes of 4 - 5 hours, or heavy mountaineering, tours to the incredibly colourful areas  of the deeper Lón-valley, and nice hikes around the mountain Vestara-Horn with a possibility on seal watching.

Heading up North, to the Golden Circle or to the Westfjords? We also run the beautiful "Hamragil" lodge by the town Akureyri, "Tvera" lodge at the south coast of the Westfjords and "Stekkar" in the Golden Circle. We also have "Brekka Lodge" and "Langholt Lodge" in Hvalfjord just north of Reykjavik.

If booked for more than 6 people, a surcharge of €33 per person per night will apply.

Equipment - Borgarbrekka
  • Bedrooms: 5(1 x double or twin + 1 single or double bed downstairs. 2 x double or twin + 1 single or double bed upstairs)
  • Bathrooms: 2 Family Bathroom, the bigger one upstairs
  • Sleeps: 10 (12)
  • Check In: 16:00
  • Check Out: 11:00
  • Nearest Groceries: 35KM
  • Nearest Airport: EGS 200KM
  • Luxuries: Quality cottage with open space and great views from the balcony upstairs. Fully equipped big kitchen downstairs. Floor heating in the whole house & internet access.
  • Utilities: Dishwasher, Microwave, Fridge, Washing Machine & Dryer + More.
  • Provided: Linen, Soaps, Made-up beds, Towels.
  • Access: Safe Parking, fairly easy access for a wheel chair.
  • Outdoor: Vast natural surroundings, BBQ.

Places of Interest

The glacier lagoons at the southern part of the NP Vatnajökull

The lagoons south of the great Vatnajökull glacier are some of the most attractive phenomenas the Icelandic nature has to offer. With a little more than an hours drive along the ring road you’ve reach the first lagoon, the most famous Breiðamerkurlón. But only 15 minutes further to the west you’re at Fjallsárlón, which is for many even more attractive and interesting.

Jökulsárlon - Diamond Beach

Almannaskarð and Stokksnes

On a bright day it really pays off to drive some 15 - 20 km in the direction to town Höfn. Instead of driving through the tunnel you would take the turn off to the right and up to the view point up on the Pass Almannaskarð. From there you see the numerous glacier tongues from the southern flank of the glacier NP Vatnajökull. Someone said: “If you haven’t had this view,  you haven’t seen Iceland!”

Vestrahorn - Stokksnes

Just before it comes to the tunnel, you would have a choice of turning left towards the farm “Fjörður”.  There you could leave the car and walk for a half an hour or so to the mouth of the river into the ocean, hoping to see some seals there. You could also continue around the mountain Vestara Horn and end up in the front of it, where there’s a good coffee house, Viking Café, but also a rigged-up Viking village, meant to use as the screen play in a film, still to be made.  Also, on the tip of the toe, is a radar surveillance station, run by NATO. On the way back to your car and if no-one would like to pick you up(!) you could walk up and across the mountain.  There’s a prescribed mountain Trail in a local map, that you could get at the café.

Of course you could have it all much easier by driving your car through the tunnel and into the area of Stokksnes -“the home of the Batman mountain” . There’s though a minor charge for entering the area by car

Lónsöræfi -the breathtaking inner Lón Valley

Just a few minutes away form lodge Borgarbrekka, direction Höfn, you have the possibility to access the gorgeous Lón Valley.  Either on the eastern side, where you could visit the most beautiful lake in Iceland “Vötn” (64.446710, -14.926937), or you take the bridge across the river Jökulsá.  In a kilometre or two you would turn right on to the trail F 980 - Kollumúli. It will take you by almost any kind of a car up to the river Skyndidalsá, but this river is normally only traversable for well equipped 4 x 4 vehicles. Anyhow the valley Skyndidalur offers a great hike to people looking for nature and motion.


On the opposite side of the river the trail continues some 10 - 15 km on a thrilling hair needle track until it comes to an abrupt end.  There a hiking trail for able people continues for some 2 km. It finally reaches the mountain hut of Kollumúli, embraced by the river and gorgeous mountains.

This trail is normally drivable for trucks off the beginning of June, but there are no scheduled tours into this area, “Lónsöræfi”. Anyhow the guys of the company are always on for private tours.

Djúpivogur and Egilsstaðir

Following the Ring Road to the north would bring you in about 65 km to a wonderfully located fishing village Djupivogur. If you follow the mountainous coastal road it will take you approximately 2,5 hours straight drive to get to the beautiful, centrally located town Egilsstaðir.  Here you easily could surround the long lake “Lögurinn” and experience thereby the biggest wooden areas of Iceland.  And given, the mountain road “Öxi” Rd 939 is open, you could take that stunning road section on the way back, and shorten it at the same time by some 60 km -seeing something new, too!

Attention -Rudolf!

In the winter time the reindeers, grazing wild in the mountains in the summer, flock to the lowland. Here they can easily been seen grazing in the snow in all this area described above. But it happens on dark nights, that they jump across the road, scared by the lights of the car passing by. Therefore be alert of this by travelling by night in the winter in the whole east of Iceland.

Reindeers in South East Iceland

  • Visit to one of the ice caves in the southern part of glacier Vatnajökull.  The tour organiser offers tours to the caves close to the ice lagoon Breiðamerkurlón. NB: only accessible in the wintertime -and it’s crowded! If you want to experience such an Ice cave more for your self, then try which has an access to the caves at Skeiðarárjökull. Exclusive -but with a helicopter it costs. These guys (the experienced, strong man behind it all is Einar Rúnar Sigurðsson) also offer ice climbing master classes in the winter.
  • Tours on the ice lagoon Breiðamerkurlón on a hovercraft in the wintertime:  In the summer an amount of companies offer tours on the lagoons Breiðamerkurlón and Fjallsárlón.
  • Bird watching -there among puffin- at cape Ingólfshöfði in the summer time, reached on a hay wagon pulled by a heavy tractor:
  • Horseriding in the breathtaking environment of Vestra-Horn:
  • Guided tour to the “Dead End” Illikambur in the inner Lón Valley. Exit from the Ring Road only 5 - 7 km from our vacation rental Borgarbrekka, direction Höfn.  A stunning tour into a dreamland, the wonder world of the colours of Kollumúli. NB: Only operated in the summer time, only as private tours: and
  • Hike up the Bæjardalur-Valley, just east of the Lodge Borgarbrekka. 5 - 7 hours in this beautiful pristine area, coming back by passing the farm Stafafell west of Borgarbrekka.
  • Boat tours from the beautiful town Djúpivogur out to the cliffy island Papey, teaming with puffins:
  • Trout and Salmon angling in the River Breiðdalsá, about 100 km from Borgarbrekka along the east fjords to the North:
  • The closest restaurants to the holiday home Borgarbrekka are at the town Höfn in Hornafjörður. The outstanding one is Restaurant Otto, FB:
  • In the same town, the capitol of the lobster (langustine) in Iceland you would find the Not cheap!
  • In the picturesque fishing village Djúpivogur, 65 - 70 km north of your Lodge you have a restaurant with a view, FB:  Við Voginn. Simple meals and fish! 
  • In the same village you would find a great place for “fine dining” at the hotel Framtíð, 
  • At the country village Hali,  east of the ice lagoon Breiðamerkurlón, is a good restaurant at the interesting Þórbergssetur. This is an exhibition hall for this famous writer. Here we really can recommend the locally farm grown artic charr! 
  • And for a coffee break by touring through, you could drop in at the Viking Café at Stokksnes. Exit from the Ring Road at the southern end of the tunnel through Vestra Horn. Here you also would get a hiking map for this area.
  • Whatever you think of culture, the “Petrified Birds’ eggs of the inlet “Gleðivík” of the beautiful village Djúpivogur, 67 km north of our holiday rental Borgarbrekka, would awake anybody’s interest.  Artist: Sigurður Guðmundsson.
  • In the same village you would find the almost two hundred years old storage and merchandise house “Langabúð” with interesting exhibits -and delicious chocolate cakes and coffee!
  • The exhibition to commemorate the renowned writer and character Þórbergur Þórðarson, is ongoing at the interesting hall Þórbergssetur at the farmhouse village Hali, about 10 km east of the ice lagoon. Easily seen from the road -one wall is covered with all of Þórbergur’s books, in a hundred-fold enlargement.
  • The old church of Stafafell, just two kilometres west of Borgarbrekka is beautiful. So is also the turf-church at the farmhouse-village Hof,  10 km east of Skaftafell.
  • At the NP-visitors centre Skaftafell in the South of the huge glacier Vatnajökull is a lot of information on the area, and the highly interesting interference of volcanic eruptions in the eternal ice of Vatnajökull.
  • The beautifully located town Höfn offers quite an interesting museum for paintings from local artists, the “Listasafn Svavars Guðnasonar”, or “Svavarssafn”.

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minimum booking 3 nights

Discount: 10% for min 7 nights, 20% for 14 nights and more

350 € per night (for up to 6 people) between April and October, 240 € per night (for up to 6 people) between November and March + 280 € booking fee

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