Luxury Lodge Hamragil in North Iceland

About Hamragil

Experience the solitude of Hamragil, a well equipped and beautiful spacious lodge in the center of northern Iceland. Hamragil is the gateway to the beauty of the north. It's situated only 40 minutes away from the natural gem, Lake Myvatn, a biological and geological paradise, as well as the spectacular waterfalls Aldeyjarfoss and Godafoss and only 20 minutes drive from Akureyri, the capital of northern Iceland. Hamragil is also only 40 minutes away from the center of Iceland's whale watching at the town Husavik. Enjoy these magnificent surroundings in the mountains of the north with the vivid trout and salmon river Fnjoska flowing by in the bottom of the valley, and the jumping fresh water creek on the border of the big property, boosting the unique privacy.

If booked for more than 6 people, a surcharge of €33 per person per night will apply

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Equipment - Hamragil Lodge
  • Bedrooms: 6 (Double Beds x2, Twin Beds x2, Single Beds x2)
  • Bathrooms: 2 Family Bathrooms
  • Sleeps: 10
  • Check In: 16:00
  • Check Out: 11:00
  • Nearest Groceries: 20KM
  • Luxuries: Quality cottage with Open Space and Great Views. Fiber Glass Internet Access & Central Heating
  • Utilities: Dishwasher, Microwave, Fridge, Washing Machine + More
  • Provided: Linen, Towels, Made-up beds
  • Access: Secure Parking
  • Outdoor: Large Deck Area, vast nature surroundings, BBQ and Hot Tub with geothermal water.

Places of Interest

Waterfall Godafoss

Godafoss waterfall
Godafoss waterfall in the North of Iceland is quite close to our holiday home rental Hamragil

The waterfall Goðafoss, one of the most beautiful ones in Iceland is called the ‘symmetric waterfall’. It is close by the Rd 1, about 15 minutes drive in the direction to Lake Mývatn. Coming from the holiday home Hamragil you take the right turn to get on on Rd 1 in about 1,5 km.

Lake Mývatn

Lake Myvatn
Explore Lake Myvatn in the North of Iceland

Driving to the east from the vacation cottage Hamragil for about three quarters of an hour will bring you to the bio- and geological Paradise of Lake Mývatn, for unforgettable sights and experiences. The craters of Skútustaðir, the lava formations of Dimmuborgir, the earlier bathing site in the warm water of Grjótagjá-caves, the solfataras of Námaskarð and the impressive lava flow from 1975 - 1984 at Krafla -it all takes more than one day to visit and “digest”.

Waterfall Dettifoss

Dettifoss waterfall
Dettifoss waterfall in the North of Iceland

If you proceed on Rd 1 about 30 km east from lake Mývatn and left on to the Rd F862 you will find the imposing waterfall Dettifoss in the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum. It is the most powerful waterfall in Iceland (Europe?). In some catastrophic floods some thousand years ago has the river carved out remarkable formations further north, at Vesturdalur (Hljóðaklettar) and Ásbyrgi.

Waterfall Aldeyjarfoss

Aldeyjarfoss waterfall
Aldeyjarfoss waterfall - probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

A right turn up the valley Bárðardalur on Rd 842 leads you finally to the most beautiful waterfall of Iceland, Aldeyjarfoss.

Mountain Vaðlaheiði

From the top of the mountain-hill Vaðlaheiði you can enjoy a wonderful view on the bay Eyjafjörður and the town Akureyri Turn right on Rd 1 and drive up the valley Fnjóskadalur, almost to the tunnel. Here you can turn to right on to the old gravel Rd 1 that leads to the top of the mountain. You can easily proceed and hit the present Rd 1 down by the bay, -and save the tunnel toll!


Another summer trail, given you have a 4x4 vehicle, would be out to Flateyjardalur, a deserted valley with a beautiful coastline at the end of it. Coming from the holiday rental Hamragil you would make a right turn which brings you to Rd 1. Turn left across the river and left again on to Rd 835. In a few kilometres you turn on to the mountain Rd F899, which leads you out to the open sea. This tour would take approximately 6 hours.


If you have a 4x4 vehicle, you can in the summer drive up the valley Eyjafjörður (south of Akureyri) on the Rd 821 and into the interior by proceeding on the trail F821. This trail will bring you all the way to the unique site Laugarfell, close to the glacier Hofsjökull. Here is a gorgeous geothermal pool for bathing at 800m above sea level. From here you could, instead of taking the same way back, drive on F881 and turn left on to the F26, which leads you north to the waterfall Aldeyjarfoss and down to the valley Bárðardalur. Take left on to Rd 1 and In a quarter of an hour you’re back at the vacation cottage Hamragil, having made an adventurous round tour.

Þeistareykir Geothermal Mud Springs

Þeistareykir Geothermal Area in North Iceland

The colourful geothermal fumaroles & solfataras of Þeistareykir are really worth visiting. You either turn right from Rd 87 onto a dust trail which appears when you‘ve driven approximately 10 km from Lake Myvatn in direction Husavik, or find the sign “Þeistareykjavirkjun” (the geothermal power plant of Þeistareykir) in the southeastern part of town Húsavík.

Fishing towns Dalvík, Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður

Siglufjörður fishing town
Visit Siglufjörður a fishing town in the North of Iceland

It makes a great day tour to drive on Rd 1 through Akureyri and to the west side of the bay Eyjafjörður through the beautiful fishing towns Dalvík, Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður.
Turn off the Rd 1 on to Rd 82, but at Ólafsfjörður it converts to Rd 76. Drive through the tunnels and through Siglufjörður, the former herring fisheries town with its welcoming ambience. Follow the route 76 until it merges with Rd 1 and takes you back over the pass "Öxnadalsheiði", through Akureyri and to Lodge Hamragil.

  • For whale watching we recommend the oldest whale watching company of Iceland, located at the village Hauganes on the west side of the bay Eyjafjörður: There are more and bigger companies in town Húsavík: and
  • If you are fond of bathing, there’s a new bathing facility In Husavik which in addition to the soothing geothermal water offers a grandiose view on the bay while bathing: in the surrounding of lake Mývatn, where you leave the village heading east on Rd 1, you also would find the classical geothermal baths:
  • For those who have an affection to a different kind of bathing, you would find the surprising beer baths by the village of Árskógssandur on the western side of bay Eyjafjörður:
  • The company Pólar hestar offers riding tours. It is located about 20 km north of the holiday home Hamragil. At the gate you turn left on Rd 84 and drive over the pass until you turn right in the Rd 83, direction town Grenivík. Approximately 3 km before this town the farm of Polar hestar is on your right:
  • The simplest way of getting a little motion while staying at the vacation cottage Hamragil is to take a short drive and turn right on to Rd 1, and soon take the left onto Rd 833 up to the valley Fnjóskadalur. In just some hundred meters you have a trail on your left, leading down to a wonderful single arch bridge, which was built in 1908 and served as The Bridge in the valley until 1968. Leave your car there and walk the bridge, over to the Vaglaskógur wood on the opposite side. Take right there and walk the trail up along the river until in about 2 - 3 km you find a newer bridge and again cross the river there. On the way to the second bridge you could walk up to the arboretum at the State Forestry at farm Vaglar. You’ll be back at your car in about 1 - 2 hours. NB: from Vaglar you would have the chance of hiking up to the mountain above, Hálshnjúkur. And in the late summer you could do a walking around at the larch trees in the northern part of the wood, where you could find some nice, eatable larch-mushrooms.
  • If you are keen on angling, you could buy a simple rod and Veiðikortið (the angling card, which allows you angling in over 30 lakes in Iceland), and go among others for catching arctic charr in the nearby lake Ljósavatn In the river Fnjóská, just below the vacation rental Hamragil, there is trout and salmon. -For the more advanced anglers:
  • Above the town Akureyri is at mountain Hlíðarfjall one of the best skiing areas in Iceland. Normally it would be open from the middle of December until Easter:
  • Restaurant Strikið in Akureyri offers a nice view from the fourth floor on the bay:
  • The traditional in the old red and white house in the heart of the town, and has been there for quite a while.
  • You’ll find a pizzeria by the harbour on (The Pier), and offers simple dishes at affordable prices.
  • It’s hard to find a nicer café than the Bláa kannan in the walking zone down town in Akureyri, FB: Bláa kannan. But at Kaffi Kú on the eastern side of the Eyjafjörður valley, you can enjoy your coffee in the cow stable by watching milking of the cows. They sure would smile to you too!:
  • At Siglufjörður you couldn’t overlook the big red house for a cup of coffee or two,:, and/or the big yellow restaurant house: And at the Café Fríða they offer Belgian hot chocolate!:
  • In town Husavik Gamli baukur is a traditional restaurant down at the picturesque harbour: Naustið restaurant (the boat house) specialises in seafood, and gets top ranking, FB: Naustið.
  • At Lake Myvatn the restaurant Gamli bærinn, located by Hotel Rekjahlíð in the main village north of the lake, offers simple dishes and has really nice ambience, FB: Gamli bærinn - Gamli bistro. But if you would like to have cows eating beside you, and possibly compete with them at the farm Vogar, you could check out Vogafjós
  • The café closest to the holiday resort Hamragil would be Fosshóll just by the waterfall Godafoss, with a great view on the falls:
  • Regarding music, live music, the top place is the Græni Hatturinn, the basement of the café Bláa kannan. Here all the best bands in Iceland gather to bring the people in Akureyri just as much attention as the bands do to the people of Reykjavik:
  • At the remarkable Cultural and Conference Center Hof, there’s also often something going on, Concerts, plays etc.:
  • Its worth walking the 111 steps up to the Akureyri church for visiting it. Three of the stone-glass windows are traced back to the Coventry Cathedral in England.
  • In Akureyri you have the Icelandic Aviation museum:
  • But also the Icelandic Motor Bike Museum:
  • The Botanical Garden is one of it’s kind in Iceland. Every plant species of Iceland is said to be found there too:
  • About 15 km north of holiday home Hamragil, by the Rd 83, there’s one of the few original turf-style farm houses still to be found in Iceland. In the past ages, this was the traditional and almost the only way of building (farm)houses in Iceland.
  • In Husavik you have an access to the highly interesting whale museum: In Myvatn there’s a remarkable exhibition-museum of stuffed birds and eggs: At Siglufjörður you would find a suberb museum-exhibition from the silvern herring era in the thirties of the last century:

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