Luxury Lodge Stekkar in South West Iceland

About Stekkar

Our holiday home Stekkar is located near the most famous sights of Iceland . Only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Reykjavik, in the southern lowlands, some of the most impressive sights of Icelandic nature, such as Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir, are within easy reach. Nestled amidst a blooming landscape, you can hear the "moo" of cows in the distance. Stekkar is like a spa facility, with a geothermal hot tub, a sauna in the guest house and an outdoor shower.

Stekkar is a charming and fully equipped cottage with over 100 square meters of living space and an additional guest house with an additional 30 square meters of space. The house has two beautiful bedrooms with double bed and - if necessary - an extra sofa bed. A spacious and cozy living room, as well as a kitchen make the vacation paradise perfect.

The guest house, a separate chalet, offers another spacious bedroom, a Finnish sauna and a second fully equipped bathroom with a door leading directly to the hot tub on the terrace.

From the house you have a magnificent view over the beautiful and naturally grown flatland, as well as over the farmland further down with a beautiful view of the second largest glacier in Iceland, the "Langjökull". The geothermal underfloor heating provides comfortable temperatures day and night, both in summer and winter.

Stekkar offers very good access to all kinds of activities in the area: horseback riding, trout or salmon fishing, golfing, river rafting, mountain hiking and snowmobiling, not to mention the numerous hiking and geothermal swimming opportunities. In Reykjavik, which is just over an hour away, you have the opportunity to go whale watching and deep sea fishing - ideal for self-catering!

Heading up North, to the East or to the Westfjords? We also run the beautiful "Hamragil" lodge close by the town Akureyri up North, "Borgarbrekka" lodge in the South East, and "Tvera" lodge at the south coast of the Westfjords. We also have "Brekka Lodge" and "Langholt Lodge" in Hvalfjord just north of Reykjavik.

Equipment - Stekkar Lodge
  • Bedrooms: 3 (Double Beds or Twin Beds)
  • Bathrooms: 2 Family Bathrooms
  • Sleeps: 8
  • Check In: 16:00
  • Check Out: 11:00
  • Nearest Groceries: 6KM (4 Meilen)
  • Nearest Airport: KEF 140KM
  • Luxuries: Quality cottage, unobstructed view, underfloor heating, hot pot, sauna and internet
  • Utilities: Dishwasher, microwave oven, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer
  • Access: Secure parking, easy wheelchair access
  • Other: Extensive natural environment, barbecue and hot tub with geothermal water
Places of Interest

Geysir and Gullfoss

Geysir liegt im "Golden Circle" - auf dem Foto ist die Springquelle Strokkur (Butterfass) zu sehen

These world famous sights are only half an hour's drive from Stekkar cottage. Drive through the nearby village of Flúðir and take either road 30 or 359 to the Geysir fountain, which is the namesake of all the hot springs (geysers) in the world. Once you arrive at Geysir, you can drive 10 km further to Iceland's most famous waterfall, Gullfoss.

Hveravellir and/or Kerlingarfjöll (Summer only)

Kerlingarfjöll in the icelandic highland

Passing Gullfoss you would drive about 2,5 hours on a Rd 35 and later on a gravel trail (F 35) to be at the beautiful hot spring area and geothermal bathing option Hveravellir, midst between the glaciers Hofsjökull and Langjökull. Or you would after about 1 hours drive turn right (East) on to F 347, to the mountain group Kerlingarfjöll, which is becoming one of the main outdooring and hiking areas in Iceland.

Þingvellir National Park and village Laugarvatn

Þingvellir National Park
Thingvellir National Park in the Golden Circle

Þingvellir -the place of the out door parliament/annual people's gathering- is probably the most interesting place in Iceland from historical-, geological- and aesthetic point of view. It is the first site in Iceland to receive the UNESCO's World Culture Heritage nomination, apart from being the first National Park of Iceland. Coming from Flúðir, take road 359, turn left onto Rd 35, right onto Rd 355 and left again onto Rd 37, which takes you through the village of Laugarvatn before turning right onto Rd 365, which takes you to Thingvellir. A round trip on the scenic road of the lake Þingvallavatn (road 360) is highly recommended.

To mountain Hlöðufell (Summer only, 4x4)

From the holiday home Stekkar you would have a great opportunity to discover the highlands in your closest environment. Driving past waterfall Gullfoss on F35 you would turn left on to the trail parallel to the power line, F 338. Just before the mountain Hlöðufell you would turn left again, on to F 337, which you follow until you descend to the Rd 37 in the south. On the way, given you like hiking, you could explore the springs of the river Brúará. Another option and shorter in time would be to drive a little further on F 35 and turn off to the left on F 335 to the area Hagafell.

The Valley Þjórsárdalur

Valley Þjórsárdalur
Picturesque landscape in the valley Þjórsárdalur

Þjórsárdalur is a beautiful wide open area, which is embracing the glacial river Þjórsá southwest of the volcano Mt Hekla. The surroundings of Þjórsárdalur are offering many natural sights, like the waterfall Hjálparfoss and the oasis Gjáin (autumn/summer only, 4wd preferred). Also on your way you would have access to the excavated medieval farm Stöng, which got buried in white pumice by an eruption in Mt Hekla 1104 AD.

From our cottage Stekkar you drive east on road 340, turn right on Rd 30 and after about 5 km turn left on Rd 32, which you follow along the river Þjórsá.


Haifoss and Grannifoss
Haifoss and Grannifoss can be explored starting from our holiday home rental Holt in the Golden Circle

The name of this waterfall says it all: Háifoss means "The High Falls” and is the second highest waterfall in Iceland, falling some 125 straight metres. Just beside Háifoss is another one, not quite so high, Granni (Neighbour). In the picturesque surroundings these two waterfalls are among the most impressive ones in Iceland.

To get to Háifoss you would either drive Rd 32 up the valley Þjórsárdalur and turn off to your left where you see the sign for the cottage “Hólaskógur”, or if you would drive the Rd 26 to the north from the road shop “Vegamót" by Rd 1, then you take a turn to left on to Rd 32 and drive across the bridge by the powerplant Sultartangavirkjun. In a few km you would turn right on to the earlier described trail to “Hólaskógur and Háifoss". From here you drive on to an unnumbered trail “Línuvegur", which leads you partly along the power line to Háifoss in 6 - 8 km. Summer/autumn only, 4wd preferred.

If you are equipped with a proper off-road vehicle and are comfortable with river crossings, you can take the "Línuvegur trail" to the east side of Gullfoss.

Landmannalaugar (Summer only)

Landmannalaugar in the Icelandic highland is for sure one of the most beautiful places on earth

Almost every traveller which visits Iceland would like to visit the widely known gem of Iceland’s interior, Landmannalaugar. The part of the name, “laugar” points out, that there are geothermal springs, where people can take a soothing warm bath. And indeed, embraced by unbelievingly colourful mountains. Apart from it offers this area many beautiful hiking trails, steaming solfataras and lava with obsidian, -the black glass formations.

Driving up the Rd 32 (Þjórsárdalur) you’ll close to the power plant Hrauneyjarfossvirkjun pass the Road coffee and guesthouse Hrauneyjar Highland Center (always good for a cup of coffee!). Then past the next power plant at Sigalda and just following the signs “Landmannalaugar" on to the trail that takes you there. Normally doable for any kind of a car in the summer time, as long you park the car before driving across the river just before the Landmannalaugar camping area

If you drive with a 4wd on the road 26 you would normally be able to reach Landmannalaugar on the scenic F225. In the late summer/autumn for your safety we would recommend a real 4x4, but later in the year or in winter the trails to Landmannalaugar, up to 600 meters above sea level, will only be accessible for Superjeeps and trained highland drivers, like by the custom tour company

Waterfall Brúarfoss

Bruarfoss waterfall
Bruarfoss in the Golden Circle reachable from our holiday home Stekkar

Only about 30 minutes by car from cottage Stekkar is the parking lot. From here, a hike of about one hour leads to the beautiful waterfall Brúarfoss. First you drive the Rd 355 in western direction. As soon as you turn left onto Rd 37, you will reach the parking lot just a few hundred meters further on the right, by the bridge over the Brúará River. Put on sturdy shoes.

  • Snowmobile ride on Glacier Langjökull The whole year two companies are offering snow mobile rides on the east flank of glacier Langjökull. You drive north on Rd 35, passing Gullfoss and in about 25 km on the top of the pass „Blafellshals" you see a snow scooter sign pointing to the left (West): and Mountaineers also offer truck-transfer up to the glacier area from the tourist central at Gullfoss
  • River rafting and Jet Boats on the river Hvítá (Summer only). From holiday home Stekkar you have to go west on road 359 from Flúðir. After a few KM turn right on Rd 358, which leads to Drumboddsstaðir, the base camp for river rafting. You can also get more information and maps at Restaurant Mika or at the gas station in the nearby village of Reykholt.
  • Fontana at Laugarvatn Laugarvatn is a small school village on the way to Thingvellir, beautifully sited and offering a great spa called Fontana, plus an outstanding restaurant „Lindin" (The Spring).
  • Volcanic exploration A unique volcanologic experience by a hoist into the earth. Down to a 213 m deep volcanic crater east of Reykjavik:
  • Horse riding At the Horse rental Geysir hestar you can ride out on shorter tours in beautiful environment. Base Camp at Kjoastaðir, a little further on Rd 35 than the Geysir area:
  • Whale watching For whale watching in almost all seasons of the year the company Elding runs tours from the old harbour down town in Reykjavík:
  • Angling For river angling, trout and salmon, it would be quite handy to contact the farmers of the near by farm Spóastaðir by river Brúará, just few hundred meters to the east on Rd. 31.
  • Golf There is a golf course within a quarters drive to Fludir in the east (Rd 35 north, turn to right on Rd 359) for a 18 holes course: With half an hours drive to the south on Rd 35 you would find the two 18 hole courses Kiðjaberg: and Öndverðarnes:
  • Bathing There is a number of interesting bathing facilities close to Stekkar. Still these two here are probably the most desired ones: the Secret Lagoon at village Flúðir, is a restored natural pool from the beginning of the 19th century, which was used to teach people swimming. There is the geothermal water flowing directly from numerous hot springs into the spacious pool, which is ideal for fun & relaxation. And the somewhat more sophisticated Fontana, at the village Laugarvatn. It is built where earlier the original steam sauna stood, a hut built over two bubbling hot springs, letting the steam through a grid in the floor! There is also an all-natural geothermal bath called "Hrunalaug" near road 344 and a normal outdoor geothermal bath at Brautartunga, down on road 30.
  • The nearest restaurant to our cottage Stekkar is the successful Ethiopian restaurant Minilik in the village of Flúðir.
  • Mika is a popular restaurant with a good pizzeria in the greenhouse village of Reykholt, just 18 km away. Good food and good service:
  • In the same village is the very special Tomato-Greenhouse-Restaurant Friðheimar. Reservation needed:
  • On the way from our cottage Stekkar to Laugarvatn, on the farm of the same name, a little further up in the hills, is the authentic restaurant Efsti Dalur with local specialties:
  • In the village of Laugarvatn you will find the small high-quality restaurant Lindin (the spring) in an old and cozy house:
  • Next to the only truffle farm in Iceland in the village of Flúðir, there is an interesting restaurant that specializes in mushroom dishes:
  • On the Rd 35 south, by the bridge over the big river Sog, there’s an idyllically located bistro, FB: Þrastalundur.
  • And at last but not at least one insider tip. On some occasions, open to the public, there’s food festivals (and lots of beer) at the best country bar in the (far) neighbourhood (just east of town Selfoss): FB Krían Sveitakrá.
  • In Reykjavik there are many outstanding restaurants. Here an example of few of them downtown:,, and at the old harbour. And there’s also quite a convivial atmosphere at the combined restaurants at the Grandi Foodhall across the old harbour: . The restaurant Askur, east of down town Reykjavik, is known for offering reasonably priced courses: But if you would like to enjoy a typical Icelandic, simple, priceworthy food among the natives, you could during the week visit Múlakaffi (open to 20:00):
    Still one more recommendation for a tasting experience of Icelandic food. It's in Reykjavik: Reykjavik Food walk
  • Probably, the accustically best designed house in Iceland is the church at Skálholt, at the earlier bishopric of the south, only 20 km away from our holiday home rental Stekkar. Apart from music -there are concerts almost every weekend during summer, this house is a gem among churches, inside and outside. It is also featuring lots of art and history related to the former bishops of Iceland. Skálholtskirkja:
  • he church in the National Park of Thingvellir is a very well maintained wooden church of the 19th century, and a traditional church of this period in the Icelandic history:
  • On the road 365 between Laugarvatn and Þingvellir, the little cave Laugarvatnshellir has been restored. In the beginning of the 20th century a poor family of Laugarvatn moved up to there and lived in this cave for years
  • If you visit Þingvellir, take a stroll to the visitors center up on the cliff and inform yourself of this very special site reg. history and geology of Iceland. This site really deserved to be the first of the three UNESCO’s cultural heritage sites in Iceland.
  • In Reykjavik, buildings like Harpa, Hallgrimskirkja, and Perlan, the old harbour, sculptures (Sun Vessel, Þúfa, Leifur Eiríksson), music ( and - Secret Solstice, Icelandic Airwaves, Sonar, Myrkir Músíkdagar), miscellaneous museums, one of them being the Phallolocical museum - just to mention one:

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