The company Nordic Lodges was established in 2013 by Helmut Dussileck and Jon Baldur Thorbjörnsson.

Helmut is an entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in Mathematics and lives in Munich, Germany.

Jon Baldur has been working as a tourist guide since 1983 and is very experienced in the tourism branch in Iceland. He was the founder of the tour operator Isafold Travel and the 4x4 rental Isak. He has an education as a car engineer, Dipl. Ing. Fahrzeugetchnik from Fachhochschule München.

Together Helmut and Jon bring together 40 years of tourism experience, ensuring your stay in Iceland will be nothing but spectacular. Using their experience and knowledge of Iceland Jon and Helmut created the Roof n' Route concept allowing guests to travel and experience different parts of Iceland via their strategically placed cottages throughout the country.

For the last years Nordic Lodges have housed hundreds of guests and ensured a memorable and very comfortable stay in Iceland.

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