Corona has undoubtedly changed the world. The major health and economic damage is omnipresent.  Those who are not directly affected by it nevertheless have restrictions in their everyday lives, e.g. at work or in their private lives.

Undisputedly, this crisis has also shown – often painfully – how important the topic of digitization is. Many companies and the public sector were unprepared or poorly prepared for this. Those who did their homework early on now have advantages.

Mobile working is becoming more and more commonplace

Whereas before Corona it was normal to go to the office every day, today it is part of everyday life for many people to work on the move, if the job allows it. Most do this from home. But more and more people are discovering the possibility of working from anywhere in the world. After all, it makes no difference whether you’re on the phone from your own four walls or connected to the company data via the Internet, or anywhere else in the world.

Vacation home Holt in Golden Circle

A fast Internet connection and a safe environment with a low risk of infection are in demand.

Vacation homes in Iceland as an ideal place for mobile working

Our vacation homes offer both: the possibility to isolate yourself and your family comfortably from social contacts in our spacious private holiday homes. A very good internet connection in our vacation homes allows participation in video conferences or access to the digital workplace. And often much better than in many European countries. Another advantage: Iceland also has very good mobile phone coverage, so accessibility is often very good even outside our vacation homes.

holiday home rental Brekka Iceland Ferienhaus Island Nordic Lodges
Vacation home Brekka, only 45 minutes drive from Reykjavik

Combine work and vacation

Why not? Just bring your notebook and turn one of our vacation homes into your mobile workplace! Currently (since August 2020), Iceland requires a coronary test upon entry, followed by five days of quarantine. After a new test with a negative result, visitors are allowed to move freely in Iceland. Spend your quarantine in one of our vacation homes and use this time for work instead of using valuable vacation days for it.

Vacation home Langholt, only 1.5 hours to the airport

In our spacious and comfortably equipped cottages even a longer stay with family becomes a pleasure. With our Roof & Root concept it is very easy to move on to another region of Iceland to explore Iceland’s natural beauty there as well or to use the time for work.

Help for the time of quarantine

Many of our vacation homes are easily accessible from the airport, so you can easily go into quarantine. However, you are not allowed to shop until your quarantine is over. Therefore, we will assist you in obtaining the groceries for the time of your quarantine. With the help of a shopping list, you choose the products you need, which we deliver, for example, directly to your vacation home without any direct contact.

Vacation home Hamragil in the north of Iceland
Mobile working in vacation home in Iceland