Many of the natural attractions in southeast Iceland are close to our Borgarbrekka vacation home

Borgarbrekka is a spacious vacation home between the well-known tourist attractions of Eystrahorn and Vestrahorn. Due to its location and facilities, Borgarbrekka is very popular as vacation accommodation not only with families but also with groups of photographers.

Here are some of the best places and natural attractions that you can easily reach on a day trip from Borgarbrekka:

    • Seyðisfjörður: A picturesque town known for its colorful houses and cultural scene. The port of Seyðisfjörður is where all travelers arriving by ship from Denmark or the Faroe Islands to Iceland arrive. The drive from Borgarbrekka to Seyðisfjörður takes between 3 and 4 hours, and you will discover many spectacular landscapes of Iceland’s East Fjords along the way (approx. 280 km).
    • Vestrahorn: An impressive mountain on the Stokksnes peninsula, which rises majestically above the sea. A black sandy beach and overgrown dunes provide photographers with great backdrops for their motifs. From here, you can also take a beautiful hike around the Vestrahorn. It takes about 30 minutes to drive from Borgarbrekka to Vestrahorn. (approx. 30 KM).
    • Estrahorn: Another breathtaking mountain that is very close to the Borgarbrekka vacation home. A lighthouse on the road provides a beautiful contrast to the Estrahorn mountain in the background. A kilometer-long black sandy beach seems to connect the two mountains Estrahorn and Vestrahorn and invites you to take a long walk. The Estrahorn area is a 15-minute drive from Borgarbrekka (approx. 20 km).
    • Hallormsstaðaskógur: Iceland’s largest contiguous forest area. Hallormsstaðaskógur is a beautiful place to hike and relax, about 2.5 hours from Borgarbrekka (approx. 200 km).
    • Jökulsárlón: A breathtaking glacier lagoon located on the south coast of Iceland. This place is so fantastic that it has been used as a movie set time and again, e.g. James Bond (Die Another Day), Tomb Raider or Batman (Batman Begins). Opposite the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is the black sand beach Breidamerkursandur, which is usually referred to as “Diamond Beach” by tourists. The “diamonds” are the remains of icebergs that are washed back onto the beach before they melt into water. Photographers will always find new and unique motifs here. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Jökulsárlón from the Borgarbrekka vacation home (approx. 120 km).
    • Hengifoss: An impressive waterfall located near Egilsstaðir. On the ascent to Hengifoss, you will also pass Litlanesfoss, which impresses with its vertical basalt columns. From Borgarbrekka you drive between 3 and 4 hours (approx. 250 KM)
    • Stuðlagil: A breathtaking canyon located near Egilsstaðir. The “Stuðlagil Canyon” has only become the main attraction of East Iceland in recent years. Depending on the route chosen, the drive takes between 3.5 and 5 hours (approx. 300 km)
    • Hafnarholmi: A small island located near Djúpivogur. Here you can go for a nice hike and enjoy the view of the sea. Travel time approx. 1 hour 40 minutes (approx. 100 KM).
    • Borgarfjörður Eystri: A picturesque town known for its natural beauty and cultural scene. Travel time approx. 3 – 4 hours (approx. 270 KM)
    • Djúpivogur: This picturesque place invites you to hike nearby, where you have a good chance of encountering an Arctic fox or reindeer. The stone collection of Auðunn Baldursson and a visit to Langabud (old historic building at the harbor with cakes and coffee) are among the destinations even in bad weather. Travel time approx. 1 hour (approx. 60 KM)
    • Höfn: The nearest town to Borgarbrekka is Höfn, the largest town in southeast Iceland. Here you can go shopping, there is a public swimming pool, restaurants etc.. From Borgarbrekka you need about 30 minutes (approx. 30 KM)
    • Lónsöraefi/Lón:The Lón Valley in the east of Iceland is still an insider tip, although it offers spectacular landscapes, some of which are reminiscent of Landmannalaugar. Numerous hiking routes invite you to discover nature. Attention, it is necessary to ford a river to get to this area. Therefore, an experienced driver with an off-road vehicle is required, or you can book a tour to this beautiful area, which is in the immediate vicinity of our Borgarbrekka vacation home. The starting point for the off-road vehicle tour can be reached within 10 minutes.
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