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Changes are coming

Nordic Lodges currently offers its five holiday homes in Iceland for rent on three different platforms. The holiday homes Brekka in Hvalfjordur, Hamragil near Akureyri, Holt in the Golden Circle and Tvera in the southern West Fjords are listed at the well-known travel portal Trip Advisor. Holiday home Hamragil, holiday home Holt and holiday home Tvera are offered also with Home Away, which belongs to the Expedia company.

All five holiday houses only on nordiclodges.com

Only over our own web page nordiclodges.com and/or nordiclodges.de all five holiday houses at a place are offered. Additionally to the accommodations mentioned before also the holiday house Langholt in Hvalfjordur can be booked here, which is not listed with the other offerers. The booking process on our website takes place in the background via Checkfront’s booking system, which also ensures that you are informed in good time before the start of your stay about the balance due.

Portals with limited contact options

Trip Advisor and Home Away offer good services. However, we are unable to provide our guests with as up-to-date information via these portals as is possible via our own website. On the portals, for example, we are not allowed to refer to our “Roof ´n Route” concept, which offers different holiday homes in different regions of Iceland. Roof ´n Route allows our guests to spend their holidays in different areas of Iceland with only one booking with one provider.

Furthermore, the travel portals do not allow us to directly contact our guests to provide them with helpful additional information. Through our own website we can inform guests in our cottages about Northern Lights activities or bad weather warnings, or point out attractions in the vicinity of the cottages in advance of the trip.

Price increase on 1 June

For two years we have not changed our prices, although the exchange rate of the Icelandic Krona against the Euro was not always easy for us.

Until now it has been more expensive for our guests to book our accommodation via Trip Advisor or Home Away, as these portals add their own service fee to our price.

We have decided to increase the rental prices for our holiday homes on our website from 1 June. The prices on our website will continue to be slightly lower than the prices on the booking portals today.

Both for Trip Advisor and Home Away we have increased the minimum booking period to 5 nights. However, through our own website, nordiclodges.com, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the shorter minimum booking period. Here it remains as before at 3 nights as a lower limit. Through our website, we can continue to provide our guests with valuable additional information in advance of their stay in Iceland and communicate with them more quickly.

Until the end of May 2019, our guests can book at the old prices.

Customer Satisfaction First and foremostWe want our guests to be satisfied. This drive is reflected in over 100 five-star ratings we have received in recent years from Trip Advisor alone. With a total of 129 ratings since 2013, 122 times the best rating (five stars) was awarded. The feedback from our guests at Home Away is similar.

Here is a small excerpt from the ratings of the last few years

Holiday home Holt: 

“Our family of 5 had a great stay at the Cottage Holt! The accommodations could not have been cleaner or cozier, and our hosts left provided us all of the information about the home and the area that we needed. Would highly recommend this stay to anyone visiting the South of Iceland.”

Allie H. 

Holiday home Brekka:

“Jon, the lodge is just spectacular. Exceeding all expectation. Thank you the directions were so clear, we had no trouble finding it. Thank you.” 

Sian L.

Holiday home Langholt:

“Wir sind immer noch begeistert von dem tollen Langholt-Ferienhaus und haben schon viel Werbung für die Nordic Lodges in unserem Freundeskreis und der Familie gemacht. Wir haben tatsächlich am Donnerstag um 1 Uhr nachts sensationelle Nordlichter gesehen!”

Gerlind Kaptain.

Holiday home Hamragil:

“We had an amazing time at Hamragil. The cottage was perfect for our group and we enjoyed the hot tub very much. Some of the things we saw and really recommend visiting are: Goðafoss & Dettifoss (waterfalls), DimmuBorgir (volcanic rock formations), Hverir (geothermal area), Krafla & Verfjal (volcanoes), Ásbyrgi (canyon), Grjótagjá (natural geothermal spring). We had an amazing holiday and we wish that you all can and will enjoy it as much as we did! If you want to go to Northern Iceland then Hamragil is the place to stay.”

Brieneke v. … 

Holiday Home  Tvera:

“Our Icelandic adventures are coming unfortunately already to an end. Tvera is an excellent lodge and the neighbours trout idem. Roof ‘n route is an excellent option for comfortable discovery of this huge country. I’m sure this will be a very successful Nordic Lodges rental option, perfectly adapted to Iceland.  Every area (and Lodge) is amazing in a different way…”

Erik Steins.

We hope you’ll all enjoy our direct contact through nordiclodges.com

Changes are Coming
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