Why Iceland is the Perfect Holiday Destination

People traveling to Iceland normally have a clear idea of what they want to experience. The trigger for a trip to Iceland can be diverse: visiting friends, a photo excursion, participating in a conference, or coming for work, are just some of the possible reasons. However, most visitors come to Iceland to enjoy their holidays. Iceland’s unique nature and untouched expanses attract ever more guests from all over the world each year.

Why Choosing a Holiday Home is the Best Option in Iceland?

If Iceland’s nature and unspoiled wilderness are at the heart of your trip, our excellent Roof ‘n’ Route and holiday homes offer the perfect accommodation for discovering all parts of Iceland. Why only make day trips from the hotel returning each evening, if it is possible to start the experience already at the holiday home? Marvelous nature, undisturbed views and full freedom for body and mind around the clock? This abundance of possibilities opens up with our holiday homes, which you will find in different regions of Iceland. With the “Roof ‘n’ Route” concept, for example, you can spend a few days and nights in our holiday home in the Golden Circle and then continue your vacation in Hamragil in the north of the island. Are you more interested in the West Fjords? Add our holiday home Tvera in the West Fjords to your travel plans and discover the oldest part of Iceland, geologically speaking.


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 Video recording of the holiday homes Holt, Brekka, Langholt and Tvera, and nearby natural attractions

Unforgettable Nights in Iceland: Northern Lights and Hot Tubs

Visitors in Iceland should not only consider the days, but also the nights. While the summer nights offer seemingly never-ending twilight moods, the long nights of winter bring the chance for Northern Lights. Enjoy a “private Northern Lights performance” in one of our holiday homes! Thanks to its favorable location in the midst of untouched nature, you can enjoy the spectacle without light pollution. If it gets too cold during the Northern Light Show, just jump into the hot tub and enjoy the night sky with the dancing lights. The pleasantly warm geothermal water will caress you. An experience you will never forget!

holiday home, iceland, cottage, golden circle, northern lights, winter
Holiday home Holt in Iceland on the Golden Circle with Northern Lights

Holiday homes Brekka and Langholt close to Reykjavik

In order to enjoy the Icelandic nature, you do not have to drive far after arriving in Reykjavik (Keflavik Airport). Just 50 kilometers from the capital Reykjavik, Nordic Lodges offers two well-equipped and almost identical holiday homes for rent on the northern side of the fjord Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord).

holiday home, iceland, cottage, whale fjord, hot pot, rent
Holiday home Langholt and holiday home Brekka in Iceland on the slope of the “Whale Fjord”

Both lodges “Brekka” (slope) and “Langholt” (long hill) are situated relatively high up on a slope in the middle of birch bushes and offer an unbelievable view down on the fjord. From morning to evening you can enjoy the different light moods, which are determined by the alternation of sunlight and cloudiness, as well as the sun’s position. A play of light of the highest quality, that makes you forget time and space.

Time-lapse picture taken from cottage Langholt with a view of the whale fjord


Well-equipped self-catering luxury holiday homes

Both Brekka (max 6 + 2 persons) and Langholt (max 5  persons) are tastefully furnished and very well appointed. A hot tub with an uninterrupted view of the fjord comes with each house and is included in the rental price. You will feel at home here!

holiday home, iceland, brekka, hot tub, whale fjord, cottage, lodge
Holiday cottage Brekka in Iceland and its hot tub


holiday home, langholt, iceland, hot tub, cottage, rent
Holiday cottage Langholt Island and its hot tub

Both houses have free high-speed internet access via fiberoptic cable. Therefore, these houses are not only suitable for nature lovers. Combine the pleasant with the useful and, if necessary, furnish your mobile office workplace in the midst of a dreamlike landscape. And all this is only 50 minutes’ drive from the capital, Reykjavik.

Self-catering Holiday Homes in Iceland close to Reykjavik
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