Oexarafross Golden Circle
Oexarafross Golden Circle
This is the waterfall Öxarárfoss in autumnal landscape at Thingvellir national park of Iceland

Golden Circle – one of the main attractions route in Iceland

The Golden Circle is a must-see for anyone visiting Iceland, as it showcases the country’s unique geology and natural beauty. Whether Gullfoss, Geysir or Thingvellir (Þingvellir):. This popular route is easily accessible from the capital Reykjavik after just under 2 hours by car and attract numerous visitors with their beauty. “Golden Circle” refers to the approximately 300 km long round trip from Reykjavik, which includes Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir.

Thingvellir is probably the most interesting place in Iceland from a historical, geological and aesthetic point of view. It is the first site in Iceland to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thingvellir is also Icelands first national park.

The Öxarárfoss in Thingvellir is a waterfall that was probably built by man. Its aim was to ensure the water supply for the visitors of the assembly at this place.

Stekkar Lodge in the Golden Circle route

Stekkar lodge – The perfect base for the Golden Circle

It’s even easier than from Reykjavik to reach the Golden Circle if you live there. The Stekkar Lodge is located directly in the Golden Circle. After a short drive you will reach Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss. Therefore you have the possibility to enjoy these sights in peace and quiet outside the main visiting hours. Our Stekkar lodge therefore offers the perfect starting point for the Golden Circle’s destinations. Due to the proximity to Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir, photographers, for example, can also react quickly to changing light moods in order to always take photos under optimal conditions.

Other attractive sights within easy reach

But to combine Stekkar´s location with the Golden Circle only would not do justice to this perfectly situated holiday home. In addition to many small destinations in the surrounding area, there are also excursions to the highlands. For example, you can drive to Landmannalaugar, which can be reached in two hours by a suitable vehicle from Stekkar or Kerlingarfjöll  – the possibilities are almost unlimited. Also attractions in the south of Iceland, such as the waterfall Seljalandsfoss, are only about 1.5 hours away. If you just want to have a quiet day, relax in the hot pot in luxury Stekkar holiday home. There is always a possibility to discover the Northern Lights from there?

Best Luxury Lodge in the Golden Circle route in Iceland
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