From our holiday home Hamragil near Akureyri you can easily reach the attractions of the north

The “capital of the north” Akureyri, the waterfall Godafoss and the area around Myvatn are some of Iceland’s most famous tourist attractions. These and other destinations can be easily reached from our Hamragil holiday home. Our last article dealt with three of the most famous waterfalls in northern Iceland: Godafoss, Aldeyjarfoss and Dettifoss. But there is much more to discover.

Excursion to the Mývatn region

Mývatn means as much as “mosquito lake”. The name of the lake also stands for the whole region. Lake Mývatn is about 50 kilometres south of Húsavík and can be reached from our holiday home Hamragil in less than an hour by car. It is known for the high number of different duck species. Ornithologists will find optimal research conditions here. The shallow depth of the lake and the hot springs that feed the lake underground are the cause of the numerous insects and birds that feed on the insects.

Myvatn, Volcanism, Holiday home Hamragil, North East Iceland
Myvatn Lake in the evening light with pseudocraters

Due to the underground hot springs, Lake Myvatn does not freeze up in some places even in winter.

Volcanism attracts tourists

Bird lovers will get their money’s worth at Lake Mývatn. However, the main attraction for most visitors is the volcanic landscape. A variety of lava formations characterize the area, which originate from the approximately 40 km long volcanic system of the central volcano Krafla which was last time active in 1983. In the Mývatn lake itself you can see on islands or peninsula the pseudocraters of Skútustaðir, which were created by explosions when water meets lava.

Myvatn, Vulkanisumus, Holiday home Hamragil, North East Iceland
Reflection at Lake Myvatn

Along Lake Myvatn, for example, the explosion crater Hverfjall, tuff formations, bathing caves and rows of craters are evidence of volcanic origin.

Thermal Spa in the North of Iceland

Those who find the Blue Lagoon in southern Iceland too overcrowded and too expensive have the opportunity to get their money’s worth in the area around Myvatn. In the thermal spa Jarðböð everything is a little smaller, a little less crowded and cheaper. The water is as beautiful as in the Blue Lagoon, the view of Lake Myvatn is incomparable.

Myvatn, Jarðböð, Holiday home Hamragil, Iceland, North East Iceland
View from Jarðböð to Lake Myvatn

Námaskarð – “Earth in puberty”

The volcanism below the pass Námaskarð (means as much as “Minenpass”) is particularly obvious. In the high temperature area of Hverarönd (usually called Námaskarð) you can not only see, but also hear and even smell the activities of volcanism. The area is located a few kilometres north of Lake Myvatn below Mount Námafjall. A visit to the numerous mud pots, fumaroles and solfatars is a must. Dirty shoes are pre-programmed here, because the earth here is warm, soft and often greasy.

Namaskard, Myvatn, Volcanism, Holiday Home Hamragil, North East Iceland
Volcanism at close range


Namaskard, Myvatn, Volcanism, Holiday Home Hamragil, Iceland, North
View of the high temperature area Hverarönd
More attractions in Myvatn region in the North of Iceland
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