The Newcomer Borgarbrekka

A new lodge has been added to the holiday rentals of Nordic Lodges. It is the sixth house in the group. Lodge Borgarbrekka is a beautiful two store wooden house with a balcony to the southwest, located in the incredible Lon area in southeast Iceland.

Our newest holiday home rental – Borgarbrekka

A Backflash

It was in the year 1981 that I first came to this area of Lón. One has to bear in mind, that it wasn’t until 1974 that the ring road of Iceland was finished, the rivers south of the glacier Vatnajökull were abridged and a round road trip of Iceland was made possible. 

Lón valley near holiday home rental Borgarbrekka (Foto: Ása Jóhannsdóttir)

My first view of this area remains unforgettable. Arriving in the late hours from the Eastfjords, we came past the yellow light house and around the magnificent mountain Eystra Horn. The mountain was a kind of glaring in the sunshine this August evening, and that endlessly stretching black sand reef with the great ocean lagoon behind it welcomed us so memorably. The hundreds of swans swimming on the lagoon also gave their share to this scenery.

A Pond on the Hiking trail from Mt. Snæfell (Snaefell) to Lónsöræfi (Lonsoeraefi) (Foto: Ása Jóhannsdóttir)

Outdooring at Lón 

On a good day being at Lón is like staying in the middle of an adventure world. The sea and the swans & seals, the huge glacial riverbed, the unique mountains in all its stunning colours of rhyolite, the breathtaking tarn “Vötn”, which is like a hidden eye in this tiny super silent and clam opening by the Stafafell-mountains.  Here are uncountable areas and trails for hiking. A special tour to Illikambur with a hike to Kollumúli in the most beautiful part of Lon valley (Lónsöræfi) will stay in your memory for a life time.

Foto: Ása Jóhannsdóttir
Náttmálafoss in Lónsöræfi (Foto: Ása Jóhannsdóttir)

Nearby sights

So having a great lodge middle in this world of adventures is nothing but a great luck. Our vacation rental Borgarbrekka includes five bedrooms, two bathrooms and a roomy dining- and kitchen area. Within a range of 30 – 60 km you have the access to two beautiful towns Höfn and Djúpivogur, that have a lot to offer for visitors, apart from the grocery stores or/and meals in nice restaurants.

And within 100 km range you’re at the biggest touristic attraction of south iceland: the Glacier Lagoon Breiðamerkurlón (Jökulsárlón á Breiðamerkursandi). It’s all yours…! 

Jökulsárlón á Breiðamerkursandi
Borgarbrekka – A New Lodge