Nordic Lodges are in Hvalfjörður in Iceland

Are you visiting Iceland? Stay longer, protect the environment and save money!

People is in general getting increasingly concerned about the impact, that tourism has on our environment. All kinds of travel, which means moving people from a place to place, causes an increased emission of carbon dioxide. This contributes to global warming. Yet the fact is, that traveling is continuously growing globally and becoming a fixed part of our life. Travelling has become a part of our lifestyle. A kind of the basic need for the today’s human being.

The biggest contributors to the increased consumption of non-sustainable fossil fuels are the transport media for crossing long ranges, air planes and passenger cruisers.

The operators of Nordic Lodges are aware of this fact. We think there should be a certain counteraction possible: To stimulate longer stays of tourists visiting Iceland, so that every air travel will relatively seen be better utilised, hopefully resulting in fewer trips. To try the utmost to support this has the pricing and lodging strategy been changed to stimulate our guests for to see the advantage of staying longer than it has generally been. The changes in the pricing structure aim for making the stay considerably cheaper -proportionally- thus longer our guests stay.

New pricing structure supports longer stays

Firstly, we have lowered the rate pr. night from € 254 to € 194 in the winter time (Oct through May) and from € 354 to € 284 in the summer time (June through Sept.). To compensate this reduction in price, a fixed one time booking fee has been introduced, € 250,-. This means that thus longer our guests stay, thus less they pay per night. And to support this trend further, we now grant our guests 10% discount on the rate pr. night for all nights by booking the fourth night, 20% by booking the tenth night and 25% by booking the fourteenth night and more. When guests book more than one lodge in our “Roof ’n Route” concept  the booking fee only applies once, given that the booking of all lodges is on just a single Invoice. This has proven to be quite practical for the customers

Enjoy the surroundings of our holiday home rentals

Secondly, an additional advantage of extended booking of our lodges would be that people just could take a couple of days off and keep the car untouched. Enjoy the stay at the lodge, or make shorter or longer hikes direct from the terrace, looking forward to the relaxing, soothing geothermal water in the hot tub up on return. For this reason we have emphasised by purchasing our lodges emphasised the welcoming ambience of the houses in and outside, spacious surroundings, beautiful views and interesting hiking possibilities in the neighbourhood.

Overlooking the Hvalfjörður fjord from our holiday home rental Brekka and Langholt

Thirdly, through longer stays the environmenal impact of the rentals will be reduced through fewer kilometres driven for to prepare for the next group of guests and less washing detergents will be used and let into the sewage systems. It’s a real win – win game.

The time will show if we’ve set the trend for less negative environmental impacts through the introduction of longer stays – less footprints.

Stay longer in Iceland, save the environment and save money