Spacious luxury indoor areas and our lodges offer stunning views from the outside deck and geothermal hot pots
When you live on an island – even on an island exposing a lot of beautiful and diverse nature like Iceland, you might now and then feel a bit closed in by the sea all around. But an island, which can in certain cases trouble you to get to the outer world, is also isolating to intrusions from the outer world. In our case now, regarding the health situation in the world, it is definitely advantageous for the Icelanders to be living on an isolated island. The statistics show it clearly: for weeks now, less than one Corona-case pr 100 thousand inhabitants has been traced.

This success has resulted in making Iceland the only land in Europe which is totally green on the “EU -traffic light map”.

But to have these very positive results remaining until the biggest part of the people which wishes to visit Iceland has been vaccinated -we’re already seeing an increased number of travellers booking our houses- the border control still needs to be kept quite strict. What this means is that our very much desired foreign visitors and guests need to make a virus test in the country where they’re coming from. Up on arrival in Iceland this test may not be older than 72 hours. In Iceland the visitor, independent of nationality (that means also Icelanders), have to undergo the second test at the airport and then go straight to a quarantine. After 5 nights the visitors have to make the third test and wait some hours for the results. And given, the results of all the tests have been negative, which is very likely as long people haven’t got in too close contact with some infected person in their home country before departure, you’re through and can move freely around in Iceland for the rest of the visit.  Of course it’s mandatory for our guests to observe the standard rules of distancing and wearing masks when staying close to strangers. These restrictions will little by little be lifted as more and more people get vaccinated.
We know, these rules regarding visits from abroad sound very restrictive at the time being, but this is the only way right now, in the upcoming spring time of Iceland. There is though a kind of positive message in this all: Slow Travel. Stay longer and and relax, and even save some money on our rentals thereby!  The fact is that a stay at our houses makes people feel very comfortable. Just read some of the positive reviews we’ve got.  All our vacation cottages have a superb, -in some cases pristine- location and are equipped so that you really can enjoy staying there for the time you need to “keep calm”. For most people it is a pleasure to wander or go on some hikes in the neighbourhood of our rentals, which is ok as long you don’t mix with non related people. You have the view and the beautiful natural surroundings, and you can work, watch TV os movies, read some books and magazines provided -and in many cases enjoy the geothermal tubs and even some sauna.

Exemptions from border screening and quarantine rules do apply to those who are able to submit proof of a prior COVID-19 infection or with proof of full vaccination.

See the official information here.

All our houses are kept clean and safe in accordance with the health and safety rules of the World Travel Tourism Organisation (WTTO). Referring to this all,  quarantining in the rental cabins of Nordic Lodges can indeed be a fine thing!
Staying at our vacation rentals in Iceland in times of corona