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A year ago, we published a blog post on the topic of “mobile working” in our vacation homes. Today – at the beginning of 2022 – the topic is more present than ever. Provided the job allows it, mobile working has now become part of everyday life for many of us. A fast Internet connection, a computer and the right software equipment, are all that’s (often) needed. The workplace no longer maters. Fresh perspectives appear.

All Nordiclodges vacation homes now equipped with very fast Internet

Our vacation homes, that are located all over Iceland, now allow the combination of work and vacation even better. We already had very fast internet connections at our holiday homes in the south and in the east, but since the beginning of 2022, Tvera, our house on the south coast of the Westfjords, and Hamragil in the north of Iceland also have a fiber optic connection. Perfect conditions to work comfortably in one of our beautifully located houses, stay connected with the world (back home) and experience the fantastic landscape of Iceland.

Advantages are obvious

All our Nordic Lodges houses are spacious enough for our guests to enjoy longer stays there. Those traveling with family will find a place in our cottages allowing them to work undisturbed. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend longer periods with the family in Iceland, working during the week and using the weekends and evenings for exploring. Or simply combine your stay in Iceland: Working first and enjoying vacation later!

Avoid contacts and spend time in nature

Our high quality equipped vacation houses offer a lot of space not only inside. When choosing the houses, the location of the houses and the privacy around the properties was also very important to us. All holiday homes are located in beautiful and calm places, with excellent views over the countryside, offering a lot of distance from the nearest neighbor. This is an outstanding advantage that hotel accommodations could never offer and might even be an advantage to living at home.

  • Tvera: Located on the south coast of the Westfjords with a view of the sea. On a clear day one can see the Snaefellsnes peninsula from the living room.
  • Hamragil: This vacation home is located in the north of Iceland, near Akureyri. Beautifully situated on a hillside, it has a fantastic view of the valley below the house and the surrounding mountains.
  • Borgarbrekka: Our newest vacation home (since 2020 at Nordicloges) is located in the southeast of Iceland between the famous Vestrahorn and Eystrahorn. Due to its lonely location in the back of the mountains in the west and the unhindered view of the open sea in the east, the nights are especially dark there. Lack of light pollution makes stars and northern lights appear even more intense.
  • Brekka and Langholt: Easily accessible from the airport and from Reykjavik, these two houses are located high on the hillside above the fjord Hvalfjörður. These very bright and architecturally open houses provide a unhindered view of the fjord and the mountains in the background.
  • Holt: Holt is located in middle of the “Golden Circle” which is very popular with tourists. Many main attractions like Geysir, Gullfoss, Bruarfoss or Thingvellir can easily be reached from Holt. Despite the proximity to many of Iceland’s natural attractions and the associated popularity of this area, you will still have enough distance to the nearest neighbor, as well as an unobstructed view of the landscape to enjoy your stay in Holt.

Attractive discounts for longer stays

For longer booking periods and for “Roof’n & Route” bookings there are attractive discounts. Especially for those who want to work from Iceland or plan a combination of work and vacation staying longer might be an appealing option. Otherwise, the journey is not worth it. Environmental reasons could also be ones motivation to stay for a longer period of time rich in experiences, than flying to Iceland several times for shorter vacation.

Nordiclodges supports longer booking periods or the change from one cottage to the next (Roof’n & Route) with discounts. From 4 days booking time per house (10%), from 10 days booking time per house (20%) and from 14 days booking time per house (25%). If you choose to book more then one holiday home from Nordiclodges with one booking, the booking fee will be charged only once.
No matter if you travel to Iceland for work, for vacation or for a combination of both: Our beautiful and comfy vacation homes in selected locations all over Iceland provide the perfect accommodation for your purpose.

Fast internet connection in all our cottages